Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gloss48 Unboxing Ft. Antonym Cosmetics

In today's video I'm doing a fun unboxing of a new website I just recently discovered called GLOSS48. Gloss48 is the perfect place for beauty loves and beauty junkies alike. They are a flash sale site and offer 20%-50% off for one week on a certain brand or product and then after one week you can find the same brand in their marketplace but for retail price. So if you love trying new brands and new products I definitely recommend taking advantage of the flash sale concept on their site. There's new sales every week! 

Click here to sign up for Gloss48:

Click here to check out the Antonym Flash Sale: 

------What I'm Wearing------
Romwe Boho Paisley Pattern Orange Sleeveless Dress:
(15% off by clicking this link! Expires in Sept.)

xo Jackie


  1. Definitely trying! Thanks Jackie :)

    1. Hey Jo, let me know how you like it! :)

  2. Really love your vids Jackie! I am definably going to be putting this to the test :) Pls check out my blog?

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