Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Favorites 2014! ♡

In today's video I'm sharing my favorite products throughout the month of May, and I gotta tell you... there's a ton of skincare favorites. Also- I'm excited to announce that I will continue posting 3 videos a week for you guys and have giveaways in EVERY VIDEO! So be sure to come back every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for new videos and more giveaways! Who doesn't love free stuff right? & I'm love love love when I'm able to give back to you guys :)

------Products Mentioned------

------Giveaway Details------
1. Must be subscribed to this channel
2. Thumbs up this video
3. Leave a comment with the secret code word "BUTTERFLY"

ALSO- I haven't heard back from all the giveaway winners from my
May giveaways so check this list to see if you won any of the giveaways! 

May Giveaway Winners
April Favorites- Chrisey Maria
Get Ready With Me: Tokyo Police Club Concert- Holly N.
Very Berry Sweet Smoothie | #FitWithJack- BrittanyLB10
Theme Park Essentials: Makeup, Outfit & More- Lucille Salzer
Demi Lovato | Style Jaaack’d #4- Daja Shipe
Summer Essentials: Fashion, Makeup, Skincare & More- Trifena Lucky Paulina
Get Ready With Me: Birthday Party- TaleahMoriarty14
Birthday Haul | What I Got For My Birthday- Sheena Medel
Run or Dye 2014 | #FitWithJack- ItzJanahsLifeYoBye
DIY Floral Headbands & More- Lizzette Perez
Get Ready With Me | Lazy Day Routine- Elizabeth Sanchez
Dying My Hair Platinum Blonde!?- Debbie Selhost
Spain World Cup 2014 Makeup Tutorial- Celine C.
How To Prepare For Summer- Carlaaah97
End Of May Giveaway- Gabriela Naranjo 

xoxo Jackie


  1. i do love this video cuz it was really funny i'm taking care of my hair this month and my favorite product was dessange shampoo

  2. Hey Im not sure if you got my message could you tell me!! Sorry I had a little bit of problems trying to respond... again thank you soo much and love you

  3. I loved your favorites this month! Thanks again for continuing the giveaways-- I have never won one before and Im crossing my fingers that I win one of yours!