Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May Recap 2014!

I posted a lot of content on my main channel during the month of May. 14 videos to be exact & on top of that I upload daily on my vlog channel and that's another 31 videos! So in total I uploaded 45 videos.... omg that's a lot! Did anyone watch all 45 videos? (You deserve an award if you did! haha)

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to recap on some of my favorite moment in May
& share some of my favorite videos I created for you guys.

Starting off with my main channel! (click on the video titles to watch)

This video was so much fun to film because I went to see a Tokyo Police Club concert with StyleHaul & I had such a fun time with a bunch of awesome Youtubers! Plus I'm super obsessed with the nail art I did in this video... you gotta check it out!

Obviously my next favorite was my theme park video! I love Disneyland and wanna know a fun fact... well actually it's kinda sad. This was my last time at Disneyland because my annual pass expired and I haven't renewed it yet... It's been a whole month without going to Disneyland... how am I alive right now???

Of course my birthday party was a huge highlight of May. I finally turned 23 which I've been looking forward to FOREVER (don't ask me why haha). But this was also exciting because I gave away a Kate Spade Wallet in this video! I love having super big giveaways like that for my little flowers!

Yup, this video made it into the recaps because I actually had a ton of fun filming this video at the Harrah's Rincon Resort with my family. I'm not around my family as much as I'd like so the times that I do get to be with them I really enjoy.

And lastly my favorite video on my main channel was my how to prepare for summer video because I filmed at the beach and it was just so beautiful and peaceful! I actually filmed this video all by myself which was kind of an accomplishment for me so I'm super proud of myself for filming at the beach alone :)

Now on to the recap of my daily vlog channel. I did my first juice cleanse which wasn't that fun haha. I bought Johnny his first watch for his birthday, & I had my birthday party at Dave & Busters. I ran my 3rd race of the year and then spent time with my little flower Emily. I also got to FaceTime another little flower named Brittany & her sister Morgan, and lastly I got to see my little Coco Ellie swim in her little pool. (click on the pictures to watch)


That's it for my May Recap, I think I want to keep doing this on my blog once a month to recap each month! It will be nice to look back on years from now instead of having to watch each and every video I did... here I can just show the fun exciting stuff haha :)

Love you little flowers! ✿
xoxo Jackie


  1. I watched all 45 videos and loved each and every one of them! Lol. I think its a great idea to do recaps every month, I enjoyed this blog post!

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! You're the best!