Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Story...

Last night I uploaded a video on my vlog channel (click here)
& I'm so blown away with all the positive feedback I'm getting from this video.

I shared my story of how I struggle, not for pity or sympathy but to encourage and 
enlighten many of you who are struggling too. In this economy it's hard to find someone who
is NOT struggling so I know many of us can relate to this. One thing I really want to stress to
all of you is that I'm never going to give up on my dreams, no matter how much it hurts my wallet.

If you pursue what you love then there is no failing. 

Sure, you may be hurting for money but money is a temporary problem.
Sometimes I can't pay all my bills but I still feel like I'm extremely successful because
I'm doing what I love. I'm never going to be that type of person to work a job that
I hate just for money. I've been there and I've done that and I've learned where my value are in life.

I stand for Peace, Love & Happiness

And on top of all that, when you work in the creative industry (such as Youtube), 
you work all hours of the day. I never clock out of work, I never get a day off. 
So even if I wanted to get a second job to help pay all the bills, I'm not;
because that means I have to give up time pursuing my dreams and that's not gonna happen...

God knows that I can do this and anytime life seems difficult, just know that
God gave you this challenge and this obstacle because he knows you're strong enough
to overcome it. 

xo Jackie


  1. Hi Jackie!

    This isn't a pity comment. Promise! I just wanted to say that you are someone special. To us, your viewers. Reason? You took that extra step to put yourself out there on YouTube for us to see. With this world being so big, the chances that we would see someone that we admire and look up to are really small. We think, what are the chances of meeting you? So, when we see you, we get super excited.

    For me, you taking that extra step is something that I admire and because of that I decided to do videos as well. You are an inspiration. Thank you so much for keeping it real and doing this video. Like many of us out there I'm a part of that struggle. We can do this!

    Does that make sense? LOL! Love your videos keep it up hun!