Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kiss Skincare Review 💋

Hello my little flowers! In today's video I'm sharing with you a review on a product I've been using for almost a month now which is the Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen Mask Cream. I've heard about this cream from my friend Winnie (http://youtu.be/ZHIm11bactg) so I wanted to try it out and see what this product was all about. It's such a great night cream because it's moisturizing and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, pores, and even brighten/fade acne scars. *Disclaimer, I was sent this product for free to try out, but like I've told you many times before and I tell companies the same thing. I will only share products on my channel that I truly enjoy and I will always share my honest opinion, sponsored or not. Money will never alter my opinion on products, I pinkly promise :) 

Click here to check out Kiss Skincare: http://kissskincareusa.com
Click here for the Whitening Collagen Mask Cream: http://kissskincareusa.com/kiss-whitening-collagen-cream-mask/

xo Jackie