Friday, August 8, 2014

Celebrities That Are Two Faced!

Whenever people say "What's your good side?" I never really thought it mattered.
I always thought my face was the same on both sides until today....

We all have two faces and when I came across some of these hilarious Two Faced Celebrities,
I had to jump on the bandwagon and see what I looked like Two Faced,
and boy... I'm never going to be able to look at my face the same anymore.

People always want to look perfect and symmetrical but after looking at these pictures,
symmetry may not always be the best. With mirror editing we can see what our faces and/or celebrity faces would look like if they were symmetrical. 

The Flawless Jennifer Lawrence (normal)

Jennifer Lawrence (left side symmetrical)

Jennifer Lawrence (right side symmetrical)

Which side is Jennifer Lawrence good side? I think we can agree that her
right side is flawless with those defined cheekbones!

The glamorous Kim Kardashian (normal)

Kim Kardashian (left side symmetrical)

Kim Kardashian (right side symmetrical)

It's so crazy that Kim looks nothing like Kim on her left side,
I guess her right side is where the beauty (and money) is at! LOL

Even guys are two faced! check this out...

The perfect Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling (left side symmetrical)

Ryan Gosling (right side symmetrical)

This one is kinda hard because he's still perfect either way, but 
which side do you think is Ryan Goslings good side?

& lastly Jackie Perdue! (That's me!)

Jackie Perdue (left side symmetrical)

Jackie Perdue (right side symmetrical)

If you tilt you head I actually look kinda normal on my right side.
I think I'm beginning to notice a trend... maybe we all look better on our right side? LOL
What do you guys think?

xo Jackie

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  1. I can't imagine some people are famous just for the sake of being famous. I think fame should come along with success, and more importantly with talent.