Tuesday, September 30, 2014

T-shirt Design Contest | JaaackJack

Hey my little flowers! I'm trying to come up with a t-shirt design so I can create
JaaackJack T-shirts but I need your help. I'm stuck on the design and I'd love to have
one of my very own viewers create the design. It would mean so much more to have
one of my little flowers creating it rather than me just slapping a design on a T-shirt you know? lol

I'm thinking either a simple T-shirt with the logo JaaackJack on the chest part OR something
a little more creative... a drawn/cartoon version of myself with my JaaackJack logo.
I'm not entirely sure yet but create whatever your heart desires haha. There is no limit to creativity.

There will be a prize for the winning design... be sure to watch the video for more info.

This blog post is just an inspiration spot with some sample photos you could use for the design...
However don't feel like you're limited to only these photos, you can search my Facebook, my instagram, my youtube videos and more to find a picture to use in the design.

Rules and everything can be found in the description box of this video:

xo Jackie


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