Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Boyfriend Tag | Meet My JohnnyBoy

You guys have been requesting this video more than anything else on my channel and I am so happy to finally be sharing the boyfriend tag with you. For the past 4 years I've uploaded videos here without ever showing my boyfriends face. This is a really big deal because my boyfriend is keen on privacy. But earlier this year he finally stepped into the social media world (via Facebook and Instagram) and it has slowly eased him into the idea of being in a Youtube video. Johnny is still a little uncomfortable being on camera but I encouraged him that it's something you have to get used too, nobody is ever comfortable right off the bat. (remember my first youtube video? LOL) Anyways, I'm rambling now and I think it's because I'm just so so excited! I hope you guys enjoy the video and more importantly I hope you like meeting the love of my life! 

xo Jackie

ps- a lot of you have been sending screenshots from this video via twitter & snapchat and I gotta say that I absolutely love it! It makes me so happy that you guys are excited about this video! Thank you for sharing all of your positive feedback! :)