Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Week In Photos | 12.28.14 - 01.02.15

One of my new years goals is to take more pictures, so hopefully I keep this up! :)

In case you missed my "What I Got For Christmas" video, I'm a new mommy of a guinea pig named Darcy. She's still very scared of me, but she's slowly warming up to me! Yay :)

Hanging out with my sister in our christmas pj's! This is one of our last nights together as roommates! You can watch our vlog together where we talk about our new years resolutions:

Cleaning my room and packing... like always.

Spend New Years in San Diego with my mom & sister. Dad had to work unfortunately and Kateline stayed in LA to party with her friends. If you wanna see how we spent the night ringing in the new year check out the vlog here:

Editing the night away.

Bowling date night with my friends! It was girls again boys and we totally won!
Check out the vlog here: 

Hope you guys had an amazing week! I love you!
xo Jackie