Sunday, April 5, 2015

Affordable Clear Braces | Smile Care Club

I've always wanted to try braces to not only fix the minor problems in my teeth but to also experience and see what it's like. Am I weird? Anyone else like that? haha Basically I never did because braces were always so expensive. I actually saw Belinda on Youtube talk about how she was trying Smile Care Club and I got super interested and it seemed like the most affordable option so I decided to try it out. Like I mentioned in the video I know my teeth are not terrible and I'm not saying Sammi's are but I wanted to do try this system with someone who might have more or different teeth concerns than me just so you guys could see if it worked for more than 1 person. I don't know if any of that made sense or not but Sammi has been wanting braces so I said "hey let's get braces together!" Soooo that is what's happening haha. 

Start your own journey to a perfect smile here:
Click this link to buy your impression kit & receive $200 off if you decide to purchase an aligner system!

xo Jackie


  1. Hi guys, I’d like to ask you all to take part in my research that I’m doing for my Master’s thesis. It’s about what influences your relationship to your favorite YouTubers and it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes – there are only 7 questions (+ 2 optional).
    This is the link to the research form: but if you like, I can send you the questions via message
    Thank You

  2. This is so cool!! I would do this but my teeth are really straight (just got lucky) I really excited to see the results

  3. Is there an update ?