Thursday, May 14, 2015

10 Heatless Hairstyles Under 5 Minutes

hi guys! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite heatless hairstyles. these are perfect to do before work or school or even before going to the gym because all of them are super fast and easy. here are some fun facts about this video... fact no. 1 is that I filmed this at 1am in the morning and it took me several hours to film. fact no. 2 is that I finished with over an hour worth of footage on my memory card. fact no. 3 it took me 3 days to edit this video down to a 5 minutes. and last but not least fact no. 4 i haven't washed my hair in 7 days... that's why my hair looks super shiny LOL 

if you're reading this leave a comment letting me know which hairstyle you liked the best?

#1 The Pin Back

#2 The French Braid Headband

#3 The Poodle Ponytail

#4 The Half Up Top Knot

#5 The Classic French Braid

#6 The Upside Down Braided Top Knot

#7 The Dinosaur Hair

 #8 The French Braid Ponytail

 #9 The Double Braid Ponytail

#10 The Dutch Braid Ponytail

xo Jackie


  1. I loveee looks 1,3,4,6 the most! And I am loving your hair color right now Jackie, looks awesome :)
    XO Janina

  2. Hi Jackie, I love these looks... I think they'll be great for summer and I love that you can adapt them to any hair length. #4 & #7 are my favorite!

    Lots of love, Richelle

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