Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Essentials ☼

Summer is right around the corner, and I couldn't be more excited! 
So I thought I'd share my summer essentials with you guys, and
a chance to win some awesome goodies from Jack Rogers and dr. brandt skincare.

During the summer I'm all about hydrating/moisturizing products. I have dry skin and the feeling of dry skin during the summer is like a desert on your face... not a nice feeling; so my first summer essential is the NEW dr. brandt skincare Oxygen Facial mask. Not only does it nourish and revitalize my skin but it makes my complexion look radiant after using it. The Oxygen Facial mask helps promote cellular respiration while also providing deep detoxification.

To go along with it, I gotta have the NEW dr. brandt skincare Save Our Skin comfort cream, which is perfect if you're dealing with red, irritated skin. It helps soothe and calm any irritation on your face, so it's perfect for sensitive skin. The Save Our Skin comfort cream is the perfect product to restore your skin's complexion and give you that youthful radiance, and who doesn't want that during summer, right?

My third summer essential has gotta be my H&M rompers; I actually own a few of these and I think they are the perfect summer piece. They go great with the summer heat, but are also super effortless to wear. You can literally just throw them on and head to the mall or the beach. 

I also gotta have my #FitWithJack water bottle. This is an essential because not only do you need to hydrate on the outside, but you also need to hydrate from the inside by drinking lots and lots of water! This baby holds 40oz of water and carrying it around with me everywhere encourages me to drink more water!

What are your summer essentials?

Also, I wanted to share a super awesome giveaway happening right now with dr. brandt skincare. It's called the What's In Your Summer Bag giveaway, and from now until June 23rd, dr. brandt skincare is inviting you to create a “What’s In Your Summer Bag” Pinterest board, where you can pin your essential summer beauty products for the chance to win a Jack Rogers tote filled with dr. brandt skincare summer essentials. Easy right?

To enter, you must follow dr. brandt skincare on Pinterest, include a dr. brandt skincare item on your "What's In Your Summer Bag" board, and tag dr. brandt skincare in your photo caption. You will also be able to double your chances of winning by sharing a screen shot of your board and filling out a form on dr. brandt skincare's Facebook pageThe winner of this contest will receive a Jack Rogers tote filled with dr. brandt skincare's NEW Oxygen Facial Mask and Save Our Skin comfort cream!

Let me know in the comments if you plan on entering this contest!

Good luck!
xo Jackie


  1. Yay I'm entering the contest. I hope I win at least something. Thank you Jackie.

  2. I screen shot my board but where to I put it up at?? I'm confused, help please?

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