Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I went to yoga today with my favorite teacher, Kyrie; in class she encouraged us to make a mental list of what we are grateful for. She centered the practice around gratitude and I thought that it was so inspiring and perfect especially for this time of year. So I want to share the mental list I made during class along with an addition list of everything else I am grateful for because life is amazing and there is so much to be grateful for.

I am grateful for MY BREATH because it gives me life and allows me to flow through my practice.

I am grateful for THE DAY because I woke up and I'm alive for another day to love and create. 

I am grateful for MY SORE MUSCLES because it means I'm getting stronger in my practices. 

I am grateful for MY COURAGE to come to class and not be intimidated by more experienced yogis. 

I am grateful for MY LIFESTYLE to practice what I love and to create what I love.

I am grateful for MY FAMILY who drive me crazy but help build me to be the warrior I am today.

I am grateful for MY JOHNNY because he's not only my significant other but he's my best friend.

I am grateful for MY YOGA TEACHER KYRIE who inspires me and teaches me so much positivity. 

I am grateful for MY LITTLE FLOWERS who show so much love, compassion and support.

I am grateful for THE ANIMALS IN MY LIFE who show the most loyalty and love I've ever seen.

I encourage all of you to write down what you're grateful for and when life gets tough and you start to lose all hope, come back to this list to help bring light back into your life. There is so much to be grateful for and these are the first 10 things I thought of when I heard the word gratitude. Huge thank you to my yoga teacher and my friend Kyrie for shining such a positive light that has inspired me to share this message with my followers. I love you all so much!

xo Jackie


  1. This is so awesome Jackie! I think I will make a post as well.