Thursday, February 9, 2017

Charlotte Russe Bomber Jacket

Happy Thursday! It's been raining a lot lately in Southern California so I typically stick with easy comfortable outfits during these gloomy days. If I could I'd stay in my pajamas all day, but today's outfit is still super comfortable like pjs but a little more stylish. I got this bomber jacket from Charlotte Russe last year so I'll link something similar below but I love the soft mauve-pink tone to this bomber. I always feel so edgy but still girly when I wear this jacket.

Underneath I just wore a plain basic off white long sleeve... technically it's a pajama shirt but we'll just keep that secret between us. I told you I love staying in my pjs all day!

Hats are great for rainy days because you don't have to worry about getting your hair wet and ruined, plus you spend less time doing your hair in the morning. This hat from Vans has been my go-to lately not just became of the rain but also because my roots are growing in strong and I kinda need to cover those bad boys up before my next hair appointment. 

O U T F I T ---

Bomber Jacket - similar linked

Jeans - Fashion Nova

Shoes - Adidas

What did you think of this outfit post? Would you like me to continue to do more of these on my blog?

xo Jackie


  1. Yes please! I've missed your blog posts!

  2. This is such a simple outfit, yet it still looks cute! Like how celebrities try and go about their days all chill like, yet they look so stylish! Do more! (it also gives me style tips because I dress like a ho-bo 24/7)

  3. Yes! Please do more Posts like this. This outfit is so cute & comfy. ❤

    1. Yay thank you for sharing your feedback :D

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  5. Lovely! Such a cute athleisure outfit :)

  6. I always like how you pick up your clothes and put them together. They are awesome. 😍

  7. Thanks for your podcast! It's very interesting for me! I'm waiting for your new articles!